Carpe Diem. 20 artists, 1 room, 24 hours

During the past 2 weekends I was fortunate enough to be apart of the Carpe Diem show at Loakal in Oakland, CA. I had so much fun creating new artwork amongst so much talent and dope personalities.The gallery was open to the public all 24 hours of the painting day so that people could engage with the artists and observe their creative process. Here is a video taken on March 29th when each artist was given a 4′ X 8′ panel and 24 hours to complete their work. Much love to Sam Grant for putting this video together and Eddie Colla for keeping me current.

Chopsticks Coloring Book Signing Tomorrow Night

Holiday Extravaganza

Tomorrow night it’s going down y’all! Come enjoy some Holiday Cheer at Loakal in Downtown Oakland. Nite Owl and I will be signing the new Chopsticks coloring book…so get there before we drink all them tasty drinks! =) Check the Loakal website for more information.


"Kustom" Sept 2013

Next month I am stoked to be participating in 2 group shows. First, I am creating my first custom vinyl toy for the “Kustom Print, Photo & Munny Showcase” at Somos Gallery in Salinas, CA. The following week, I will be showing at Autobody Fine Art’s exhibition season opener called “Sugar”.  Sugars exhibition will feature new and emerging artists from the East Bay, so I am very happy to be apart of this amazing group show. Not to mention they will be serving beer and donuts opening night! Yippee! Please check out my “Shows” section for more event information.

"Sugar" Sept 2013

The Green Scene @ The Asylum

Check out my 5 seconds of fame on The Green Scene’s visit to the Pop-Up Art Show “The Asylum” during Oakland’s Art Murmur on May 3, 2013. 30 artists were given one room to do as they please in a Downtown Oakland office building. The event’s second day was canceled because of the HUGE turnout during opening night. Check back for pictures of this amazing and super fun event.


Napkin Art

I have been participating in the Mama’s Royal Napkin Art Contest in Oakland, CA for the past 9 years and I honestly look forward to it every spring. (I even sent my napkin art entry to Mama’s while I was living in Japan!) Mama’s Royal Cafe is a cute “grab your own cup and serve yourself coffee” corner restaurant that always has a line outside the door. They have been serving up breakfast and lunch to the neighborHOOD for over 30 years, and it’s always on the top of my list for breakfast when I can actually get up at a decent time on my days off. They hold an annual Napkin Art contest that is judged by local “professional” artists and the winners are not only displayed in the cafe for a year, but they can be awarded up to $400- for their crafty piece of art. In my opinion, this contest not only creates a positive and fun gathering place for the  community, but the owner’s of Mama’s supports local artists and respects their craft. Mama’s napkin art contest puts a literal spin on the phrase, “Put your money where your mouth is.”

Mama's 31st Annual Napkin Art Contest

This is my entry for 2013. Acrylic on Napkin.

Loakal Art Gallery & Boutique


Loakal Art Gallery & Boutique in Oakland is now selling “Ghetto Bear Stare” Giclee prints. Please visit their store in Jack London Square or visit their website to grab yourself some dope artwork and goodies made by local hands.

Click your HEELS to get you there…