Napkin Art

I have been participating in the Mama’s Royal Napkin Art Contest in Oakland, CA for the past 9 years and I honestly look forward to it every spring. (I even sent my napkin art entry to Mama’s while I was living in Japan!) Mama’s Royal Cafe is a cute “grab your own cup and serve yourself coffee” corner restaurant that always has a line outside the door. They have been serving up breakfast and lunch to the neighborHOOD for over 30 years, and it’s always on the top of my list for breakfast when I can actually get up at a decent time on my days off. They hold an annual Napkin Art contest that is judged by local “professional” artists and the winners are not only displayed in the cafe for a year, but they can be awarded up to $400- for their crafty piece of art. In my opinion, this contest not only creates a positive and fun gathering place for theĀ  community, but the owner’s of Mama’s supports local artists and respects their craft. Mama’s napkin art contest puts a literal spin on the phrase, “Put your money where your mouth is.”

Mama's 31st Annual Napkin Art Contest

This is my entry for 2013. Acrylic on Napkin.

Mama’s 2nd Place

Found out on Friday that I placed 2nd this year in Mama’s Royal Napkin Art Contest. I’m happy and genuinely thankful for placing this year. The extra cash in my empty pocket will be nice and a place on the Mama’s wall for another year gets two thumbs up and a great big smiley emoticon in my book.

Artwork used to promote Mama’s Contest in the SFGuardian

My friend sent me a link to the Guardian this morning. My napkin art was used as the promo for the 2011 Mama’s Royal Napkin Art Contest. Gotta love the free publicity! Smiley face. Thanks a bunch to Fibi for the heads up and to Mama’s for showing me some local love. Check out the link here.

Oh Mama’s

I didn’t place in Mama’s Napkin Art Contest this year, but I got another honorable mention. Although I would have loved some cash for my art work, free breakfast and a place on the Mama’s wall is just fine by me. I know a gang of folks enter each year, and I am happy and honored to be chosen each year by various local artist’s. I also received a letter from the owner a few days ago…A….L….L…the way from sunny North Oakland. His kind words validates why I love Mama’s so, and with the eye of the tiger…I know there is always next year.

Mama’s Napkin Art Contest

For the past 5 years I have entered the Mama’s Royal Cafe Napkin Art Contest and I am anxiously awaiting this years decision. Every year the contest is judged by various “successful” local artists, and your napkin is displayed at the cafe for the remainder of the year. There are 3 cash prizes, 25 breakfasts for two, and because many artists frequent this cute hole in the wall cafe, (right down the street from CCA – its great for some local fun and exposure. I highly recommend grabbing some grub if your ever in the town.

26th Annual Napkin Art Entry