111 Minna and 1 Piece

I will be showing one piece in the Lower Branch group show next Friday night,  July 22nd, at 111 Minna in San Francisco. I am looking forward to this opportunity. Come support life, art, music, local love, and Lisa Pisa.

June Second Oakland Art Show

This Thursday night Ill be showing some art work at one of my current fav local bars in Oakland at Collision Course. Grab a drink and check out some amazing art work with me and some good friends at Lounge 3411 on MacArthur Blvd. Onelove!

Artwork used to promote Mama’s Contest in the SFGuardian

My friend sent me a link to the Guardian this morning. My napkin art was used as the promo for the 2011 Mama’s Royal Napkin Art Contest. Gotta love the free publicity! Smiley face. Thanks a bunch to Fibi for the heads up and to Mama’s for showing me some local love. Check out the link here.