Carpe Diem. 20 artists, 1 room, 24 hours

During the past 2 weekends I was fortunate enough to be apart of the Carpe Diem show at Loakal in Oakland, CA. I had so much fun creating new artwork amongst so much talent and dope personalities.The gallery was open to the public all 24 hours of the painting day so that people could engage with the artists and observe their creative process. Here is a video taken on March 29th when each artist was given a 4′ X 8′ panel and 24 hours to complete their work. Much love to Sam Grant for putting this video together and Eddie Colla for keeping me current.

Chopsticks Coloring Book Signing Tomorrow Night

Holiday Extravaganza

Tomorrow night it’s going down y’all! Come enjoy some Holiday Cheer at Loakal in Downtown Oakland. Nite Owl and I will be signing the new Chopsticks coloring book…so get there before we drink all them tasty drinks! =) Check the Loakal website for more information.

Custom Dig Dug Inspired Vinyl Toy

If you grew up during the video game revolution like I did, one should know about Dig Dug. Dig Dug or ディグダグ Digu Dagu, is an arcade game developed and published by Namco in Japan in 1982. The objective of Dig Dug is to eliminate underground-dwelling monsters (Pookas: A race of round red monsters or Fygars: A race of green dragons who can breathe fire) by inflating them  until they pop, or by dropping rocks on them.

Dig Dug

I was inspired to create a “custom vinyl set” for Somo’s Gallery’s Custom Munny Showcase from another show I was  previously involved in at Chopsticks Gallery in Oakland called “Ode to the Gamer”. Since I grew up with an older brother who introduced me to the gaming world, ie. dragging me along to places like Silver Ball in Berkeley, CA, I was very excited to create a Millennial version of one of the games I loved as a kid through designer toys.

Here is the finished product of my first custom vinyl toy available for purchase at Somos Gallery in Salinas, CA. Be on the look out for more custom toys by yours truly in the future.

Dig Dug Toy by LP


"Kustom" Sept 2013

Next month I am stoked to be participating in 2 group shows. First, I am creating my first custom vinyl toy for the “Kustom Print, Photo & Munny Showcase” at Somos Gallery in Salinas, CA. The following week, I will be showing at Autobody Fine Art’s exhibition season opener called “Sugar”.  Sugars exhibition will feature new and emerging artists from the East Bay, so I am very happy to be apart of this amazing group show. Not to mention they will be serving beer and donuts opening night! Yippee! Please check out my “Shows” section for more event information.

"Sugar" Sept 2013