Wear Your Voice Magazine

LP Makes you say,

Wear Your Voice Magazine, which launched February 1st, published an article featuring the boys of Chopsticks Urban Art Space and I at our “Defamation of Characters” art show this month at Lower Branch Gallery in San Francisco. This article gives you a small glimpse of the amazing 101 works-of-art on the walls of Lower Branch, as well as a small snippet from me about my artwork. Bling!

This show runs through Tuesday February 11, 2014 and can be viewed through appointment only. Please email masterpsalazar@gmail.com for more information. Much love to Paolo and JC for an amazing opening night at their gallery and Ravneet, from WYV Mag, for putting Chopsticks in the limelight with this article.

Lisa Pisa Art Work

Custom Dig Dug Inspired Vinyl Toy

If you grew up during the video game revolution like I did, one should know about Dig Dug. Dig Dug or ディグダグ Digu Dagu, is an arcade game developed and published by Namco in Japan in 1982. The objective of Dig Dug is to eliminate underground-dwelling monsters (Pookas: A race of round red monsters or Fygars: A race of green dragons who can breathe fire) by inflating them  until they pop, or by dropping rocks on them.

Dig Dug

I was inspired to create a “custom vinyl set” for Somo’s Gallery’s Custom Munny Showcase from another show I was  previously involved in at Chopsticks Gallery in Oakland called “Ode to the Gamer”. Since I grew up with an older brother who introduced me to the gaming world, ie. dragging me along to places like Silver Ball in Berkeley, CA, I was very excited to create a Millennial version of one of the games I loved as a kid through designer toys.

Here is the finished product of my first custom vinyl toy available for purchase at Somos Gallery in Salinas, CA. Be on the look out for more custom toys by yours truly in the future.

Dig Dug Toy by LP

Agents of Change: Opening Doors

Mills College made an outward gesture to the Oakland community by selecting 8 local organizations/charities that are doing great things in Oakland. Mills College then asked Chopsticks Urban Art Space to help create 8 artist doors to be given to these organizations. The following artists, including myself, were selected to be apart of this project.  Safety 1st for the Freedom Schools Project, Deadeyes for Highland Hospital, Joanne Ludwig for the Commemoration Committee for the Black Panther Party, Chris Granillo for the Street Level Health Project, Nite Owl for the Ella Baker Center, Jeannie Scott Hesse for Youth Uprising, Lisa Pisa for the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights, and Ofel OH for the Mills College Alumni Association.
The finished doors were revealed at the dedication on August 31st, 2012 on the Mills College campus. Here are the finished doors featured at this community event.

LP Toy Props


Just got props from Mofozvisualz.com for my custom toys in the “Never Too Old For Toys” show at Chopsticks Urban Art Space in Oakland. Thanks much to everyone who came out to support, to NiteOwl and Krew, and MofoVisualz for making my Saturday afternoon.

Block Head Toys by Lisa Pisa

Here is a sneak peek at one of the toys I created for this Saturday’s art show. Limited Edition Awesomeness!

Hand cut and sanded poplar wood

Hand Painted Toys by LISA PISA  available for purchase at the

“Never Too Old For Toys” Art show in Oakland. July 14, 2012.

Chopsticks Urban Art Space. Opening 4pm-10pm.

“Never Too Old for Toys” Art Show

Check me out this Saturday, July 14th, at the “Never Too Old for Toys” art show in Oakland, CA. I’ll have custom spray paint cans and toys for sale all night long. If you enjoy graffiti, street art, good peoples and Hip-Hop this is a show not to miss. Art show starts at 4pm at Chopsticks Urban Art Space. Bring your play buddy and lunch box because I’m always down to trade my sandwich for something sweet!