Ive been working on some mixed-media-illustrated-one-of-a-kind-pins out here in Japan, and I will be selling them on, as well as at the Oakland Art Murmur beginning January 2011. Although its a small step, I am very excited to share my work with the rest of the world. If anyone is interested in a custom made pin, shirt, or pair of kicks, holler at me.

Oh Mama’s

I didn’t place in Mama’s Napkin Art Contest this year, but I got another honorable mention. Although I would have loved some cash for my art work, free breakfast and a place on the Mama’s wall is just fine by me. I know a gang of folks enter each year, and I am happy and honored to be chosen each year by various local artist’s. I also received a letter from the owner a few days ago…A….L….L…the way from sunny North Oakland. His kind words validates why I love Mama’s so, and with the eye of the tiger…I know there is always next year.

Creativity Through Pins

Today I started making pin’s. I bought a hand full at the nik-nak store the other day. They have silly little drawings and Japanese words that I cant read on them. Surprisingly they were made in Korea, and I grabbed a variety of colors. I decided to throw my mixed media drunk’n creativity on um and see what happens.

What I learned…
#1. I enjoy working small.
#2. I love mixed media.
and #3. Once I get into the groove of things, I really get into my art. I really enjoy it! So yea…This validates my assumption of self-diagnosed A.D.D.
God! Weekends rock!

Mama’s Napkin Art Contest

For the past 5 years I have entered the Mama’s Royal Cafe Napkin Art Contest and I am anxiously awaiting this years decision. Every year the contest is judged by various “successful” local artists, and your napkin is displayed at the cafe for the remainder of the year. There are 3 cash prizes, 25 breakfasts for two, and because many artists frequent this cute hole in the wall cafe, (right down the street from CCA – its great for some local fun and exposure. I highly recommend grabbing some grub if your ever in the town.

26th Annual Napkin Art Entry

Internal Beauty

This is one of my newest pieces in a series I am working on called “Internal Beauty”. It is a reflection of my experiences living as a gaijin in Japan for the past 9 months. My experience here has been both amazing and bitter-sweet because although I am half Japanese, I will never be accepted into society. This has helped me grow as an artist and as an individual. My work is influenced by the natural beauty of Japan, and their obsession with everything cute. The monkey suit I wear to work everyday has become my mask to my internal beauty, and it’s just a matter of time before I share this with those who would like to see…