2 Replies to “ART WORK”

  1. Lisa,
    I’m a fan. Found you after googling yogafina, montclair, then “graffiti” finally led me to you. I took a photo of my husband and daughter in front of your awesome mural and put in on my fb page. I’ve had so many “likes” and people just in awe of this art. Your use of bright colors, forms of the characters and the big eyes just draws people in. Just what our little village of Montclair needed. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  2. Hi there Terri!

    How are you?

    Thanks so much for your comment…It really made my day! I am so appreciative of your feedback and it’s nice to hear positive comments about the mural NiteOwl and I did for Yogofina. (The owners are SUPER amazing!)

    I’d love to send you some stickers in appreciation of your kind words. It’s comments like these that keep my creative fire burning!

    Please email me at Down2thenub@hotmail.com.
    Much love,

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