“Ghetto Bear Stare” Giclee Prints

Ghetto Bear Stare

Due to popular demand, “Ghetto Bear Stare” prints are now available for purchase. Check my shop for more information.

The first set of 30 “Ghetto Bear Stare” hand embellished Giclee prints will be available at the Beefy & Co  booth during Wondercon 2013 in Anaheim, CA. March 29th-31st. Don’t forget to check out the “So Badass its Good” Show and pick up MissyMToyz “Lil Buddah” as well as the exclusive Ghost Tribe X Warrior figure! Who ever came up with the saying “too much of a good thing” was dead wrong.

Wondercon 2013

2 Replies to ““Ghetto Bear Stare” Giclee Prints”

  1. From what I remember the first image = a sulky girl, you’ve come long way.
    But this Bear now showed your confidence, in rather bossy style. 😀
    Darn good and cute. Ha ha ha. 😀

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