I Hella <3 Art Show

Mark your calendars for the “I Hella Heart Art” Show on Friday Sept.9th, 2011 at the 3411 Lounge in Oakland. Featuring new art work from Jesse Draper and Lisa Pisa. Deep soulful house music will be provided by resident DJ Rahiem. No cover all night long. 10% of all art work sold will be donated to the American Lung association and our art work will be on display till October 9th. So…come grab a drink, dance your ass off, peep some hella dope art work, donate to a good cause, and spread local love.

2 Replies to “I Hella <3 Art Show”

  1. Hello Lisa Pisa,

    I have left a check for $154 at 3411 Lounge to purchase the two puzzle pieces currently hanging in the lounge.

    Stephanie has my phone number.

    Adam has the chek

    coule I possibly bring them home tomorrow evening?


  2. Hey hey!
    Thanks for hitting me up. Did Steph get in contact with you? Let me know or hit me up via cell. I appreciate the support for real for real.

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