New Ish

This is my newest painting titled “Breakfast” and was featured in the Flavors of Frisco show in SF on Feb.21st at Amsterdam Cafe. I had a lot of fun creating this piece and it is especially close to my heart. This acrylic and pen painting was created over an old painting I salvaged from my French grandparents house when they passed away. Chicken and waffles and my love for food runs deep in my veins. My French grandfather was a chef, best known at the Le Trianon restaurant in San Francisco, and my grandmother Meme was a dessert master. Know wonder I was fat as a child.

Ive always been obsessed with the “floral swirl” in my paintings and it continues to manifest itself through time. Im looking forward and I am super excited to create new pieces based on food and see where it takes me. Although this piece is already sold (Yippee!) feel free to contact me if you are interested in purchasing a similar piece.


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