Internal Beauty

This is one of my newest pieces in a series I am working on called “Internal Beauty”. It is a reflection of my experiences living as a gaijin in Japan for the past 9 months. My experience here has been both amazing and bitter-sweet because although I am half Japanese, I will never be accepted into society. This has helped me grow as an artist and as an individual. My work is influenced by the natural beauty of Japan, and their obsession with everything cute. The monkey suit I wear to work everyday has become my mask to my internal beauty, and it’s just a matter of time before I share this with those who would like to see…

One Reply to “Internal Beauty”

  1. Hi Lisa-san
    I’m living in the UK, London as an
    alien (never wanted to be naturalized here) so that I can see your feeling / Bitter-sweet.
    Its only 9 months, so you haven’t realized yet, though all the Japanese are living with a fear to
    be rejected by the society —–
    thats why they do the same thing
    with others —– no real individual.
    First, I thought I should shut my
    moth to your bitter feeling though,
    your drawing was too good to ignore. (C’mon don’t settle with
    napkin, you can be a top illustrator
    —– once succeed you will be not
    only accepted but get a special
    position in the Japanese society,
    as you are half NJ woman)
    Make a series of drawing of the one here and Mr. Pant type as the
    illustration for a children’s book.
    (Find Mu-Min book or that kind,
    and find the format and the taste)
    When you got 10 good drawings
    show them to the publisher.
    I’m sure you can succeed.
    (I may able to suggest whom to
    By the way, Kagoshima is one of
    the most conservative place—-
    worst place for you to live.
    (By the way 2 ; I was a Photographer before—- have look
    my blog / search ” Zappa” “Art” )

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